Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm a total bum!

I realized, this is what I do whenever I don't have to work.  I get up whenever in the morning (if no plans).  Well now that I'm older I really don't sleep in much and even now...usually I work on a Saturday.  But outside of that, even when I get home.  I usually get in my pajama's or lay around the clothes and then vegg out on the couch or get comfy in my chair at the computer and get on the internets.  Yes, I said internets (thanks to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning).  I probably don't eat until 2-3 in the afternoon.  Yes, I can go that long w/ out food.  But my bad habit has always been over eating to make up for not eating earlier.  I can't do that with this Lap Band.  In fact, last night I managed to get stuck and had my very first vomiting episode......not a great experience.  Literally, I watched all of my food in this order >>> sweet potatoes, greens, and turkey come back up.  The stuff didn't go to my stomach either.  I got stuck because I ate too fast and didn't concentrate on how many bites.

So it came back to haunt me.......then after getting sick, I took some Tylenol since my stomach ached from that vomiting episode.  Believe, there is no real feeling of feeling "restricted".  But that made me more aware of how restricted I am after getting my fill on Tuesday.  Its time to seriously get rid of my bad eating habits, eating too fast, smaller bites and chewing it up well.  Otherwise, I'll get sick.  I hate throwing up, I mean really hate it.  I will do whatever to avoid it.

Then I haven't really used the Wii since last weekend, I guess I can blame some of it on being sick with allergies but at this point I'm still not feeling up to par.  But I know this is truly my every day thing if I'm not working.  Its nice and sunny out, however chilly as heck!  I would like to go out walking but I really can't because the allergies are messing with me, as well as my asthma.  I guess I'll do some Wii time today to make up for the lack of exercising.  I know it will help me in losing weight.

And if you noticed above, that was me talking and excusing my way out of it.......basically to myself.  Yeah, I caught that. Haha.

Time to kick my ass into gear!  I want to be down 60lbs by May 17th.  That is the half way point for my 1 year band anniversary.  I know I can do it.  I just actually have to do it.  Some one help?!  But I have been doing some researching online because truth is, I need a work out regime.  I wanted the Wii Fit but from reading reviews and other folks thoughts, I think I'm going for the EA Active for Wii.  I need something that is actually going to make me sweat and in the comfort of my living-room.  Then there is no more room for excuses, right?  And I'm going to check into those Sketcher's Shape Up's, not for getting my legs, thighs and butt looking wonderful, but I heard their good for walking in general.  Good for better posture and believe, as someone who is a big girl, my feet ache now from the improper foot support.

So here's my wish list:
  • EA Active for Wii
  • Sketchers Shape Up shoes
  • Ipod or Shuffle (something for music)
  • (maybe) a Treadmill
However, it all costs money...and it probably won't come until income tax refund time.  That's fine with me, not too far off.

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