Saturday, January 9, 2010

Worst Week Yet...

So I willingly admit, this has been the worst week for me yet.  I started for one!  Ugggh.  Then, instead of losing or even maintaining, I gained. Yes, its 1 pound but it still means I wasn't doing something right.  And I admit I wasn't doing anything right this week.

I think I was just hyping myself up last week, which really sucks.  I want to do some things to start losing weight, like exercising.  I know thats the biggest one.  But how does a person do that with cold weather?  And then we're in this tiny apartment, there's barely any room in here.  Plus, this week I came back to work and did 15 hours of OT.  I wasn't getting home until after 7pm, eating late and then staying up late.  My whole week got thrown off.  Then throw in some fast food and high calorie drinks, like lemonade, coffee with lots of cream and sugar.  Yeah, I didn't do good at all.  I didn't exercise and I didn't even really watch what I ate or drank.

I'm telling you, those calories are what got me.  Took in more than I could burn.  I need to get it together!  I'm very disappointed in myself.  I know the truth is, maybe from the beginning I had no intentions of doing any of those things I listed last week.  Then I feel like I'm eating everything as normal, like the fill didn't exist.  The feeling of restriction is gone.  Well, at least I have my next appointment on the 20th.  So hopefully that goes better.  But I know I need to get my ass in gear with exercising, thats the biggest factor in this.

Next week the weather is supposed to warm up, there should be no more room for excuses.  The biggest thing, I need to stick to water, I felt my body craving it this week and ignored the signs.  I need Julian come kick my ass!

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