Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting into Gear...

So in a way, I think my blog is starting to turn into more of a weight loss blog but a mix of my personal life as well.  But in a way, its all wrapped together if you want to get down to it.  So if you ain't looking for weight loss info, inspiration or all that other stuff involving weight......oh well! 

And yes, I did get WLS (weight loss surgery).  I just want to make it clear to people, its not an easy way out.  I still have to work on my struggles with bad eating habits, struggles with food, struggles with keeping myself motivated to even exercise.  Because yes, even with a lap band, you still have to exercise.  There are rules to having this in, its not so simple in me just getting the surgery and "taa daaa!" all the weight comes off.  Its most effective with exercise and following some eating rules.  I have to admit, no one has openly stated to me anything negative about getting it.  But I wish they would, I would go straight off on a person.  LOL.

So outside of setting up my "wish list", which I think I will put to the side on here.  Basically, my goodies to get for myself for accomplishing my weight loss goals.  Because in the end of it all, it will benefit all areas of my life.  I'm going to start putting it down on here and try to update every day.  Heck, even if no one else is reading it but me.

I joined a group on BabyCenter for the new year, called Shape Up or Get Out Weight Loss.  Another way to keep myself accountable.  Plus they have weekly challenges, this week's......drink a gallon of water a day.  I admit, I can't do that. LOL.  I barely drink much as it is now.  I'm supposed to be drinking at least 64oz a day.  Well I should at least attempt it.  So now I feel bad for even going on there and talking myself out of it.  I'm going to attempt it, starting tomorrow.  Along with walking at work on my break.  I work a lot of hours at work, but I need to make the time to walk so this will jump start some activity until I can get into a gym and do more.  And do some Wii game play at home after I get off.  I love the bowling and it really has made me sore, if that don't tell you how out of shape I am......haha.

As for food, I've done so on my own...switched to eating only whole wheat.  Believe, that was a major thing.  I love white bread, rolls and white rice.  I eat some rice, brown of course but not like I used to.  I'm even drinking 2% milk, I used to drink whole milk.  And I haven't had sodas in almost 2 months because you basically can't with the band.  It can cause trapped gas and since you really can't burp with the band, I don't want to deal with that.  Now its just about making sure I eat something for all 3 meals and not skipping.  I have the bad habit of going for long periods of time without eating, then over doing it.  I really can't over do it now like I used to in the past.........I'm telling you I could eat 4 chilli cheese dogs at once.  Yes, I did on more than one occasion.  Another thing, stay away from the candies and tempting when you work in an office environment.

So thats my plans this summarize my goals:
  • Attempt the Weekly Challenge of drinking 1 gallon of water each day
  • Walk during my breaks at work
  • Wii Bowling at night (fun time w/ the kiddos)
  • Stay away from all sweets and things that I know for sure are not good for me
Hope the rest of ya'll have a good week..........

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