Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Proud of Myself...

So today, I have been feeling really really crappy.  Mainly due to my allergies and asthma.  I had to take my inhaler and a breathing treatment last night.  On top of my allergy meds & nasal spray.  Woke up with a terrible sinus headache and going into work with all my co-workers saying, "Are you okay?  You look bad?".  Nicceee.  Then add in that I think I have a bladder infection starting.  Thats what I get for not drinking water lately.  Then I noticed even with normal drinks, like tea, coffee, pink lemonade....I'm not drinking all of those drinks when I have them.  I never finish it off or it takes me forever.  In fact, I've been using my kids small cup to drink out of at dinner.  I'm not sure whats going on.  But I gotta get this bladder infection thing under control before I have to go to the doctor, so lots of water and Azo pills.  Might have to go get me some cranberry juice this weekend too.

Outside of that...took some new pics, its been a whole month since the last photos of me.  I can tell a small difference.  I'm basically at 218lbs and they were taken today!


Don't mind the  I can sort of tell the least when I put on the shorts this time, very loose.
Oh and the proud moment of the day, I have officially started working out this week.  I'm in the Shape Up or Get Out group on BabyCenter.  We're doing a Biggest Loser team thing.  I'm on BLUE team! Go Blue!  And this week's challenge was to exercise a total of 2 hours.  So far, I've been using my Wii games...and I've done an hour and a half.  Go me!  It also let me know how out of shape I am...haha.  My legs are weak!  And I thought I was going to die (had to grab my inhaler) and yes, I did it while still feeling crappy from the allergy stuff.  I love this Biggest Loser challenges, its making me work out and keeping me accountable to my partner.  I don't want to make her lose.  :)

So thats the good news!

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