Friday, January 1, 2010

Updated Pics, What's my true Weight Loss? & First Fill

But thats okay, I was going to blog but I put it off.  Then I was sick...and now I have time.  So I took pics last Sunday to show how much I've lost to those who don't see me everyday.  Plus the last set was right after surgery.  So here you go:

I think I've lost most of my weight so far in my face, neck, some in my arms, hips and legs.  Nothing for my mid-section but I guess that will come later.

So I started debating, at what point should I start counting weight loss?  Do I start from when I was first weighed back in September when I was doing my lap band consultation? Or do I start from surgery date?  Its basically a 5 pound difference.  And when I went to get my first fill this past Tuesday, True Results was using my weight at surgery.  I kind of want to keep on the same track as them but then again, why discount my 5 pound loss that most likely occurred during my 2 week pre-op diet.

So yes, I had my first fill.  I had been building myself up for it in the past week after hearing from my lap band buddy how horrible her first one went.  I mean, they basically couldn't find her port...they found out she had like 4.2 cc's in it already, then they added too much.  Which then lead to her not being able to swallow water or her own saliva.  She had a really scary experience.  But then again, she wanted to go aggressive because she thought she was eating everything in sight.  Truth is, I know she wasn't.  Truth is, I think she thought it was going to totally make that "hunger" feeling go away.  Like the "hunger" you see on Weight Watchers........he exists!  And I believe "he's the devil!", said in the voice of mama from the Water Boy.  Haha.  Kidding, its just so hard and tempting to curb that.

So first things first, I got weighed...and so happy to say that my scale at home matches the doctors office.  Thats so awesome!  So at least when I weigh here, I know its the right weight.  They put me on a table in the X-Ray room, with a pillow under my back.  I was so scared, I am not going to lie...I know that needle they use is long as hell because the hospital sent me home with one for some reason (like I'm going to do a fill on myself, wth?).  They gave me the option of using Novocain or nothing.  I said numb it up, just to be on the safe side.  Thats the only part that hurt, it was the same pain you might have in your gums at the dentist office but in my belly.  I covered my eyes and prepared.  Then she was done.  Haha.  That fast! Go figure, me being a giant baby.  She measured what I had, it was 3cc's and added 0.4 cc's.  So now I'm at 3.4.  I did my water drinking/swallowing test and it all went good.  Definitely a good experience for a first timer...

I plan on weighing myself once a week, on Saturday's.  I'll add that to my side menu......each week.  Thats about it for me on the weight thang!

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