Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Weigh In Day & A Busy Weekend!

So its weigh in day again...proud to say I'm managed to get down 2 lbs this week.  Making me at 215lbs!  Whoop whoop!  I went for my 3rd fill this past Thursday and it must be doing the trick.  I admit, I can fill the restriction more with these past two fills.  So the band is really working for me now. 

Last night we had our two youngest kiddos Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese.  Wooooooooo!  The night flew by so fast.  But the kids had a fun time.  And so did my family on me.  I don't think they expected us to pay for all of them, adults included but we covered them and it was nice.  Even my brother said thank you.  Which is rare...he don't do that.  LOL.  I got tons of pics.  Then D's cousins and mom came into town last night.  They tried to make it for the party but were a bit late so we visited them at our house.  It was really nice to see them.  His cousins are scared of my big giant cats.  Haha.  They thought Romeo (the youngest and 15lb cat) was like a tiger.  I just died laughing.  Altogether, last night was a good night.

Then there's today, going to drive to Dallas for my cousin's baby shower.  Now mind you, this is a cousin I've never met.  Just so happens to be my mom's sister on her dad's side that she has never met.  Its a very exciting moment for all of us.  And I want to make sure this happens for my mama, she deserves that.  I love her!  So we're off to do that today.  Thinking of it, I really need to get off to shower and get dressed.  Plus I need to clean my car out.  LOL.

Oh and tomorrow is Super Bowl!  Who Dat! Yes, I'm a Saints fan and I'm going for the Saints baby!  So a busy fun weekend still ahead.......  :o)

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Beads, Braids, & Beyond! said...

congrats on the 2lb loss, thats great!!!