Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Gain...thats the good thing.

So no gain but no loss.  I know I ate a lot of stuff this week I shouldn't have.  And every day I told myself, I'll fix it tomorrow.  Tomorrow never came.  LOL.  Bad habits, not eating breakfast...which turns into me starving by the next meal and overeating.  Not good.

I really need to fix this.  Its just when you feel like you have no money to buy the right foods, it makes you feel more in the dumps.  Lately, we've been doing a lot of catch up on bills so little money to cover the food cost.  Which leads to buying cheaper foods, which tend to be processed or not very nutritional foods.  I just keep telling myself only a few more weeks and things will get straightened out.  We'll get there. 

In the meantime, I'm searching for work out options.  I was thinking about buying a used treadmill, maybe on craigslist.  A friend suggested an elliptical.  But I think we're going to sign up with YMCA for the whole family.  My job reimburses 30 bucks a month for a gym membership, plus the whole family can use this.  Plus they have classes that I want to sign my daughter up for.  And I'm trying to get our family out of the routine of staying inside our house all the time. 

So...thats all that has been happening lately.


Sarah Williams said...

It's hard to adjust to eating breakfast. I use to never eat it. Now I make it a point to get in breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Even if that means only a 90 calorie granola bar for breakfast, it's something. I know what you mean the budget being tight, thats how it is in our household right now, I want to buy all these good foods but I have to slim down what I buy. I make sure to focus on the meats and veggies when I eat as well. You will do it and be fine hun!

IrishLassy said...

I was never a big breakfast eater either, I am still trying to adjust!
Although today I only had 1/2 a banana and 2 strawberries cut up. Come lunch time I was really hungry, had some stew and ate so much I was just about ready to vomit! Since I got banded 12/6/10, I have not over eaten since b4 surgery!!! The feeling was awful! I won't do that again!
So congrats though, cause no loss is better than a gain! :)
Right now I go to Physical Therapy (wed is my last visit)..which stinks cause it was my means of exercise for the time being! LOL. Now I guess I will have to work out at home...UGGHHH!

Well take care! Good luck this week to come!

Manda said...

In the past year, that has been my biggest problem. I was doing real well in the beginning after the surgery. Then that road block and everything went out the window.

I'm thinking about getting me some Special K and at least I'm eating something. As well as drinking a Special K Protein drink.

Dawnya said...

Hey Manda...NSV means Non Scale Victory. LOL...girl it took me forever to figure that out. Now I need to learn what pb is and slimming. It doesn't sound good...but I have to know.

Manda said...

PB...dang, I can't remember because its been awhile since I dealt with this. Its burp at the end. And slimming is cause from getting stuck, literally your saliva starts stacking up... and when its happened I've learned how to get things moving down. LOL. I hate throwing up.