Friday, November 14, 2014

Soooo... I'm alive and well

So I am a little over a week post-op from getting the vertical gastric sleeve.  I'm feeling way better.  No pain meds, only a little bit of pain in my right side where most of the work was done (basically removing my stomach out of it).  I did have a new incision that they removed my lap band port out of but not much pain there.

I have been extremely fatigued and since about a week post-op, super emotional.  I think the tired feeling is from doing the clear liquid phase.  But I had my post-op appointment this past Wednesday and was given the okay to move onto full liquids, which includes creamy soups and protein shakes, etc.  My doctor also said I could start my vitamins, usually he waits until two weeks out but I was already low on the B12 and vitamin D side... so I've been taking my vitamins and I think its helping.  I got back on December 26th for my 6 week follow-up.

My doctor said the ultimate goal is to get me down at least 30 lbs within the first 6 weeks of surgery.  Well when I weighed in at the doctors office on Wednesday, I was 219 lbs (with clothes on, when I weighed at home it was 218 lbs, lol).  So I have lost about 8 lbs. since surgery.  He said I'm doing well.  So I need to lose 4 lbs. every week until I go back.  I am sure that is possible, especially since I will be on full liquids for 2 weeks, and then finally move onto the pureed foods stage until the 6 weeks is hit.  Another goal is to eat 500 - 700 calories a day, get in over 70 grams of protein a day and at least 64 ounces of water obviously.

I know with the creamy soups... because yes, as soon as I left his office I went straight to the grocery store for food! Lol.  I could probably only eat 3-4 ounces, if that.  Which is fine.  It was just nice to taste something other than clear liquids.  Blah!

And I can't help but to keep on weighing myself every day.  I need to stop it before I become scale obsessed.  I know better.  But I weighed today and I'm 214.2 lbs.  Its just crazy to me that I'm losing like this so fast.

I also attempted to go back to work yesterday, ended up coming home.  I am so tired.  Plan is to go back on Monday.  At least then the following week we have days off for the holiday.  I also start my next two classes for the Fall semester, but they are just 5 weeks (can't wait til thats done and I haven't even started yet).

So thats about it.


Tracey said...

Manda, we are sleeve sisters. My revision is Nov 24 th. Yikes. We even weight about the same. Were you afraid? I'm freaked out. I'll be following your progress.

Manda said...

Yes we are Tracey. Right at Thanksgiving. How is the preop diet going? How funny we weigh around the same. I was afraid a little, because I couldn't remember what it was like with the band. To me the band seemed easy. Lol. You will be okay. And everyone I know who has the sleeve or had the revision to it... Love it. I'm also on Instagram at manda1280.

Tracey said...

My blog is
My preop diet is just very low carb. 2 shakes and a protein, veggie meal. I'm all over the place with my emotions. Today was a "WTF am I thinking day. Why can't i do this on my own?" Counting down 6 sleeps until surgery.

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you are doing so well. It's so great to be on the other side of surgery. I'm thinking that I'll have my surgery in March or April and will be so happy when it's done. The worrying beforehand sucks! Hearing stories like yours and Tracey's makes me think this sleeve is definitely the right decision.