Sunday, January 4, 2015

Onderland, Fat Brain... etc.

Not sure where I've been lately... I've been in a weird funk.  I enjoy the fact that the holidays are over but want more time off from work (really don't like my job much).  And I've felt really lazy and tired lately.  Like sleeping in until noon type of stuff.  Not sure what that is about.  I really don't feel like leaving the house unless its for work... and well school starting back up this week (for myself, the kids go back this week too).

Alright, so weigh-in for this past Friday... is...

I actually hit Onderland last Sunday... I am scale obsessed.  And between Sunday and Friday, lost 0.2? Yeah... its all good because I admit, I feel like I'm lacking.  I need to get my protein intake up and my water.  Its just so hard, even at 2 months out now.  I don't know how to fit all of these fluids and foods in.  And when I drink water, I'm gulping... even though they say sip.  It feels impossible to get it all in on top of trying to force myself to eat because most of the time, I'm not hungry.

Oh, add in... Fat brain came in and said lets have some Blue Belle Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (that's the one food I have a hard time letting go of).  I had a small amount, but the fat girl in me was like... I can have more.  Oh, I hate a second helping of the first amount... and that sent my pouch over the edge ---- as in, made me SUPER nauseous.  I felt so sick afterward, I had to go to bed --- definitely that dumping feeling, I really thought I was going to throw up.  No more, since I can't control myself with ice cream and it is technically not healthy.

Other than that... the goal is to get to 185 lbs. by early February.  Its time to get in gear and lose 13 more pounds by then.  I can do this!  But I have to get my proteins and water... oh the struggle.

In other news... start classes this week for Intro to Psych and American Government... yay for Spring semester.  And in the next couple of weeks... back to doing the Girl Scout cookie thing again,
>>> Cookie Mom here <<<

Alright laters.

SIDE NOTE:  I try to update my stats page as I post... which seems to be weekly with the weigh-in's.  I'm happy to say... I've lost more inches in the upper body this past month.  Nice!


Rhonda said...

Thank goodness for back to school time!! said...

Yeah for being under 200. I agree with you. I'm still struggling with remembering to eat and drink and take vitamins and fiber, etc etc etc
Be really careful when you go back to school because if I'm busy then I forget everything that I'm supposed to do and I feel really bad. Make a schedule and pack your meals and snacks. (Like I'm an expert, ha ha, see my post today). You sound organized so you will be fine. :-)