Friday, December 26, 2014

My 6 Week Follow-Up... and the weigh-in

Alright... so I weighed in this morning at home and the number came to... 200.0 lbs.  Woo hoo!!  I am down 1.6 lbs. even after my big number last week.  Perfectly fine with it because, this is yet another week I am at the lowest weight I've ever been at.

I also went to my 6-week follow-up this morning.  Dr. G. said I am doing very well in my weight loss, considering the word on the street is you lose slower with a revision.  So I am officially down 42 lbs. since my highest weight and down 24 lbs. since surgery at 7 weeks post-op.  I will take that.

We went over my protein and water intake.  I am like right under... getting about 50-60 grams of protein a day in and about 6 cups of water.  I'm trying to get it up there.  It is so hard, between eating and drinking water.  I feel full constantly, almost miserable full.  I never really thought it would be that hard, or I don't remember that in the beginning with the Lap Band.  But he did say he wanted me to get both up where I need them.  That is one of my goals.  The next step is true exercise and making that a priority in my busy schedule.  I've been walking, but not on a consistent basis,  My schedule with work, school and the kids has made time hard to come by.

So once I get my protein/water up to standard levels, he said eating 800-900 calories a day at this point is good.  That once the other two factors are up there, if I stall... then up my calorie intake to 300+ for about 3 days and then drop back to the usual.

Another thing that came up is, I have been having weird pains in my right side.  I feel it if I stretch and every now and then, its a pain that comes and goes.  If I press on that side, it hurts.  He said its my gallbladder flaring up.  Told me to drink more water, but we will keep an eye on it.  To be honest, I was feeling these pains prior to seeing him.  So we will see if that is an issue later.

Other than that... go back to see him in 6-weeks again and goal is to lose 18 lbs. by that point.  He did say if I don't make it to 18 lbs by then, is it the end of the world... no, but goals are good.  Lol.  I can dig that.

And here are some side by sides of me... and my hubby from Christmas yesterday.


Bonnie said...

Almost to Onederland. How exciting!! Congratulations!! Great pics.

Rhonda said...

I'm so behind - great job!!

Manda said...

Thanks ya'll!