Saturday, January 31, 2015

Moving in the right direction

The good news is... my scale is continuing to move down while I'm sitting in the 190's.  I'm sure it could move a little faster since I haven't started exercising officially yet.  But the fact that its moving, is all that I'm happy with.  This past week has been off for me.  I know it may sound weird but I seem to be more on track with following my dietary and nutrition rules while at work... when I'm home, I just fall off and don't think of things.  I missed work last Monday and Tuesday because my youngest had a stomach bug.

Another thing... I decided I wanted something else to drink other than water... I can't do the Crystal Light or Mio right now.  I think I grossed myself out after having it for so long in the beginning.  So I've been having at least one Gatorade... I wanted fruit punch and they didn't have it in G2, so I have the regular one... but when I drink it, if I drink a lot at once... it makes me feel nauseous.  Most likely the damn sugars.  I know that is a good thing, crazy how the sugar makes me feel so yucky.

As for weigh-in... I hit 193.8 today.  That is 1.4 lbs. down for the week.  And I'm okay with it, as long as the scale is moving down.  It's so strange how this weight loss thing works, I was bouncing between 200 and 198 for like 2 and a half weeks... then I start losing again.  I go for my follow-up with my surgeon next Friday, which will also make me officially 3 months out from the revision surgery.

That means, so far I have lost 48.2 lbs. total from my highest weight in August and starting the new process for surgery.  I've lost 31 lbs. since surgery itself.  At my highest weight... I was wearing a size 20, that was pretty tight (so probably 22)... and 2xl shirts.  One major NSV this week is moving down to a size 16 petites in pants for work.  I bought some size 16 jeans but I'm waiting until I lose a little more because I have a little muffin top and don't feel comfy wearing that yet... if I pull them up... MAJOR cameltoe and if I pull them down, some muffin top.  I think they are low-rise skinny jeans.  Lol.  But I know I'm at least  5-10 lbs. away from them looking really good --- in my eyes.  In shirts... I'm wearing an XL. I definitely need to go get re-sized for bras... the cups are like lifting up.  My boobs are shriveling up.  :(  But then again... I'm fine with that... I really don't like having big ol' boobs, but I'm afraid of them looking like flat pancakes or something.  Which is how my ass is starting to look.  Main reason I need to exercise and do squats... I like having some junk in my trunk...

So although, I'm not going to be at 185 lbs. when I walk into my surgeons office next week... I'm okay with it.  I feel like I've already accomplished a lot in the past 3 months.  I have decided that since my two classes I'm taking right now, end next week.... I will not only starting working out and making use of the money I'm spending on a membership but I am going to get with a personal trainer there, I know I need that to keep me accountable and stay on plan.

I am feeling better mentally... I swear this weight loss journey messes with your mind so much.

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You're doing so well. I'm sure your surgeon will agree. I saw 199 over the weekend. Tracey