Saturday, February 4, 2012

Internet = Boring, Life Lately

I'm feeling pretty good today.  At work, but its okay.  I've been quiet lately and I don't know why.  Am I bored with the internet?  Probably.  Considering I've been on this thing hard core since 1999.  Running a fansite and part of messageboards, social sites, etc.  Now I'm like blah.  Not sure if its because I'm older or what.  I don't get on Facebook much these days.  I check but really don't post.  I kind of feel like I have nothing to post about.  I'm not up for entertaining others.  Plus, life seems really boring to me right now.  All I'm doing is working and going home.

Which then got me to thinking about how I haven't had no one-on-one time with friends or done anything fun in a while.  Main reason I want to go to the Drake concert.  Trying to wait it out to get the tickets.  Hoping the prices drop down because folks are CRAZY.  This is Drake!  And they paid $79.95 for the ticket originally and want $250-$500.  Uggghhh.... NO!  I'll get our tickets... plus I'm cheap.  But I admit I have fear I'll mess it up for me and my girl.  I will put this in God's hands... cause reality is, we have worked hard and not done much.  Plus last we concert we went to was Nelly in 2006 in Houston.  We had a blast.  Thats probably where Nelly came into the equation in my dream.  Haha.

Outside of that, at home... we're preparing for our move.  The house looks strange with all the stuff off the walls.  We have white marks all over the walls to cover stains by the kiddos.  I just can't wait to get the moving done.  I hate moving.  I even admit last night when I took the dog out for a walk, I creeped by our new apartment to get a view.  Just curious.  Can't wait, I will also be closer to the apartments gym. 

Ohhhh and I got tickets for me and the hubby to go see Daniel Tosh in April.  Thats our anniversary present.  We both love his crazy comedy and of course we watch Tosh.0. 

As for the weight front... not sure how the scale will look tomorrow.  I know I had like 1 bad day of going over calories for the day and at least 2 days of high sodium intake.  But I have been getting my water in, so hopefully it clears out.  Gotta get the food choices in check asap. 

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Ronnie said...

I'm with you, my food choices lately have been less than stellar. Oops!

I hope the ticket prices come down $80 seems like alot!