Monday, February 20, 2012

Self Sabo? Or just lazy... Gotta stop the excuses

Lets keep it real... the last few weeks have been rediculous!  I realize as I get to a low for myself on the weight front, that I go and sabotage myself for some reason.  I don't know why either.  I really need to pull myself out of this and stop repeating the cycle.  I hate being this way.  The only good thing about this blogging and reading other peoples journies is its keeping me in check for the most part.  Otherwise I'd be back up to 220 again.  Even with the band.

No official weigh in again this week because we haven't had a chance to unpack all things but we got a lot done yesterday.  I did weigh myself to see where I was and I was back up to 211.  I hate that I gained back the 3 pounds I had lost just like that.  But who's to blame for it, ME.  I put all the bad food in my mouth.  Add in last week..... I've been doing pretty good with getting walking in at work of 90 minutes a week.  But then I had a few days in a row where I went on a Sweet Binge.  Yes... a binge.  I mean I literally within 2 hours ate like 6 mini-sugar frosted cookies, 1 snickers bar, 1 cookies and cream hershey's bar and who knows how many Dove chocolates.  I knew something was wrong with that........

I lost my pedometer...... actually my 3 year old did.  He got in my purse and dumped it and put it somewhere.  Found it yesterday under our couch in the livingroom.  My Polar HRM still is in its box... inside another box.  I will be pulling it out this week.  I also got my 2 Jillian Michael's dvd's in the mail.... thank you again Sarah!  I will be using them... making sure I have some hand weights in my closet.  Will eventually get a kettle ball.  I'm very excited... and kind of scared of Jillian Michaels!  Haha.

Outside of seeing that number, I did have two people who haven't seen in a while say I looked like I lost a lot of weight.  Even though I technically haven't in months.  But maybe its inches.

Yesterday me and the hubby got a lot done at home.  Unpacked quite a bit, hung up pictures.  We finished unpacking.  Finished my daughter's room and Snuk's bedroom.  I am so sore from working on the house all day yesterday.  Still quite a bit to do but its almost back to being normal again.  Next step is going through all things and getting rid of crap.  Like a ton of old clothes I never wear! 

And next...... my daughter will be having her first practice for softball this Thursday.  She's never done any sports, so lets hope she has some natural talent.  LOL. 

Anywho... the goals for this week:  Stay under calorie goal for day, get in 120 minutes of exercise this week and get water in every day (even on weekends).  I gotta get back to where I was quickly!  And keep moving forward!


Andrea said...

I know it's hard, but you can do it!!!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Don't give up no matter what, we have bad days and weeks but keep pushing forward, you know what you gotta do, you know what you gotta work on, take it day by day, each day set out your goal to do X, Y and Z and complete them, it makes it a lot easier vs looking at things long term. That's how I did it anyways and now 20 months out makes things a lot easier.

trisha said...

you're aware of your slip ups and setting goals for change - that's a great start!