Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alright, alright, alrightttttt...

So Valentine's Day was great... no flowers, cards or teddy bears.  But its all good because my Hubby does this every year and I told him he didn't have to this year.  Because this year I did it for him.  I got him a gorilla sitting on this box with "love" and "kiss" written on it and it was filled with chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel popcorn, cookies, etc.  He loved it!  And felt extra special.

Outside of that... we went rollerskating last night and out to dinner with my bestfriend and her boyfriend.  Wooo... it was definitely noticeable that I hadn't been skating since early December.  My legs were burning so bad and I was out of breathe.  It was adult skating night too and they had a deal for Valentine's Day, buy 1 get 1 free for admission.  Awesome!  After that we headed out to dinner, after the dinner rush.  Ate some mexican... at least I attempted to.  I ordered fish tacos and they had this mango sauce on the side, I thought it would be sweet since the sauce name included "mango".  NO!  I about died.  I usually can handle spicy food, but this was a whole other level.  I think it may have had some habernaro in it.  That ruined the first taco after one bite (and yes, I took a big ol' bite and swallowed it).  Went for taco number two... got to half way on it.  Very plain tasting and not what I was hoping for.  Blah food all the way around.  Very disappointed and it takes a lot for me to say that about food.

In my doggy news... Booger got nuetered last week, along with vaccinations, nail clipping and microchipping.  He's done well.  Funny thing... when the kids seen him and looked at where is boy parts were, my oldest said it looked like they were deflated.  Then my daughter goes "so they let all the air out of them?".  Hahaha... I love kids. 

He was doing great afterwards, but then two days ago started this hacking cough thing.  He was up all night with it.  So we took him to the vet yesterday.... they said it was either allergies or kennel cough.  So they gave him a shot of cortizoid and antibiotics.  If its allergies... the hacking should decrease by today, otherwise its kennel cough.  And since then... his hacking/coughing has stopped a lot.  Very minimal.  It makes me feel much better for my boy.  Outside of that, the vet said he was very healthy all the way around.  And his incision from his surgery was healing up nicely.  Definitely feeling much better. 

Here's a pic of him yesterday morning....... laid out after being up all night coughing.

In the meantime, still have lots of unpacking and organizing to do this week.  The house looks a hot ass mess!  And its driving me nuts but I also have to pu tin a lot of time at work this week.  Hoping we can get things back in order. 

Also, I found out that Kevin Hart is coming to Austin.  I'm so excited.  Waiting to buy tickets this Friday.  This is my husband's favorite comedian.  He is pretty funny....... and it looks like a no go on Drake concert.  I'm okay with that. 

On the food front... I'm doing great so far this week.  Some set backs yesterday with all the damn chocolate candy deliveries.  LOL.



A.J. said...

Oh-em-gee!! Boogy is so precious. I just wanna give him a big ol belly rub!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Glad you guys had a great Valentine's day!

trisha said...

sounds like you had a great day!! :)

poor baby, he looks plain tuckered out!! glad he's feeling better :)

Ronnie said...

Way to go, making your man feel special! :)

And poor Booger, saw the pic of him on FB, now it all makes sense. LOL