Monday, April 2, 2007


The nerve of this bastard to call ME cold hearted ____? Well fuck him! I'm cold hearted.........I didn't break anyone's heart in two, I didn't lie about shit I was doing. I gave me to this man who lied and he's upset at me because I won't let things be how they once were. FUCK YOU JB! Leave me the fuck alone! I'm so through with your fuckin' ass.........I don't want shit to do with you. You say I'm crazy, why because I took it upon myself to find out what you were NOT man enough to tell me or any other woman that crosses your path. Yet I'm cold hearted and crazy? Did you see me call your fuckin' wife or find your home to confront her? Did you see me do any crazy ass shit like that??? NO! Even after the fact of you hurting me more...I told you I would never use that number, yet I'm the coldhearted bitch?

Do you feel anything other than for yourself? Your a selfish bastard, you will pay for everything you've done to me and even your wife and children. Your a selfish asshole who deserves all the bad that God hands your way. I'm going to pray for you and those who encounter your selfishness.

Leave me the fuck alone..........and I swear to God, this is the last time I ever mention you again on here. You don't exist to me anymore.

WARNING! To all the women who encounter this man...James Henry Bailey, Jr....he is a married man and has been since February 2003 to a woman named Erica. He's nothing but a lying munipulative selfish asshole. He claims that this woman is only his baby mama and he's helping her out in a situation. Reality is...he's married and has no intentions of divorcing her. Want proof to verify his the link below:

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