Monday, January 30, 2012

Non-commenting, NSV's, Drake Dream, etc.

Sorry for being a bad fellow cheerleader to all those in the weight loss fight.  I've been busy working and haven't really felt like getting on the internet much lately.  Also dealing with things personally and kind of felt like I don't have much to say.  Maybe a little blah lately, who knows.  So I apologize to folks I follow and not commenting much.  I am going to try to get back involved again and comment more.  PROMISE!

Now onto some NSV's for me...
  • Had to finally buy new bra's, down from a 40D to a 38D (and man, it makes me look like I lost a ton of weight, haha.  At least I feel like it does and feels good to have better support).  I was debating if I should go with a 38 or 36.
  • Also got new undies, went from a size 10 (that were seriously baggy, Hubby told me to get new ones) and I'm in a size 9 comfortably, have some old size 8's I can squeeze in... :)
  • Work pants are also very loose in the leg/butt region and noticed some gap in the waist.  I think I'm close to a size 16.

Ahhhh...I <3 Drake!

Next, last night I had this dream about me and my friend going to see Drake in concert.  We haven't bought the tickets yet (sold out here) and I really want to go.  So I wanted to wait to see if the price would drop on Stubhub... well in the dream, that was what we were doing.  I figured as it got closer to the show we would get better seats at a lower price.  Then they were no longer selling the tickets and we couldn't go to the show.  But we did see that Nelly was coming (not sure where Nelly fit into this, haha).  I felt so bad... for letting my friend down.  LOL.  We went home... and some other friends were there, who went to the concert.  Just disappointing and then Drake showed up!  I was like a groupie.  LOL.  Then I woke up. 

Either way, I'm hoping we can go see Drake in real life.... just don't want to pay 150.00 or more on a damn ticket far away.  I hope I don't screw us over on good seats to get a lower price.... waiting it out.  Uggghhh.

In other news... back to taking my vitamins again, I had stopped because I ran out and was low on funds.  But got my adult gummy vitamins, viactiv for calcium and vitamin D and B12.  Lets see how it makes me feel.  Also gonna work on drinking all my water this week.  I realized I haven't been drinking much at all the last few days.  Like no urge.  Not good.

Alright... thats my randoms.  Laters.


Lap Band Gal said...

New undies! GREAT NSV! :)

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Great NSV's! My boobs shrank big time, I swear I have nothing left HA HA

Sam said...

They are great NSV's ones that I also need to see about :p and good luck with your Drake tickets!

Fat in Suburbia said...

Great NSV's! I wish my bra size would go down. I've lost a pant size but nothing bra-wise.

Ronnie said...

I miss my boobies... sigh.