Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home sick today... but figured I'd update

I know I haven't been blogging much and I've tried to comment on people's blogs.  Just been tired and exhausted and ready for the holidays to end.  It just seems slow in general.

I'm dealing with allergies and of course asthma.  I have had a bad sinus headaches and I think its because Cedar has finally came.  Add in all the meds I take and I'm ready to pass out.  I'll have to make it to work this week and hopefully rest up this weekend with another 3-day weekend.

As for weigh-in day, I weighed but didn't put a post up because nothing changed.  No 207 quite yet... stayed at 208.4.  Thats all good though.  I did pretty well with my water intake all week long.  As for calories, I did go over a few days all week.  My protein was VERY far up, especially since I've been drinking a protein shake in the morning.  Thats 34 grams alone.  So I think getting the protein in has helped with things more.  I'm hoping after I get my asthma under control with the Advair, Singulair and Allegra... I can seriously start working out.  I've really wanted to but its like as soon as I go outside it flairs up, or I smell cigarette smoke and it flairs immediately.  I'm coughing like a maniac and feel like a 65 year old lady that needs freakin' depends... lol.

As for Christmas, we had a great holiday.  The hubby really wanted these Jordan's that came out on the 23rd (supposedly they were this rare edition, etc).  He even sat outside the store for 12 hours only to.... come up empty handed.  LOL.  Glad for me, sad for him.  He said he would never do that shit again.  I was dying of laughter inside.  After previous arguments of me saying NO, you can't get them.  I finally just let him go through the motions and it still worked to my benefit.  He had to learn on his own.  LOL.  In the end, since he couldn't get the Jordan's... I knew he has been wanting to get a dog for awhile.  We currently live in a 3 bedroom apartment and I've said no for awhile... just last January he got a snake to say he had a pet.  Well he realized it wasn't the same.  So he sold the snake this past November.  He told me since he couldn't have a an pitbull or a bulldog (he always had this type of breeds growing up) that he wouldn't mind having a basset hound.  So luckily... after searching on Craigslist in our area, I found a 3 year old Lemon and White Basset Hound.  There was no re-homing fee, we just had to sign an adoption contract.

Booger aka Boogy the basset-hound.
Romeo, the big boy runnin' thangs!

So on Christmas Eve, we headed out to Killeen and met Booger.  And took him home.  Add in that I am allergic to some dogs.  Just so happens, I'm allergic to him too.  He loves me loving on him... and I love on a lot.  I can't help it, he's too cute.  I end up with little itchies or small hives.  But its cool... the kids love him too.  He is a major whiner... still trying to understand what he wants/needs with the whines.  He's definitely scared of my cats (mainly Romeo, the big 15 pound tomcat of our house).  The husband loves him too but apparently wasn't prepared for all the whining from the dog.  No biggie to me.  Plus he's worried I'm going to steal the dogs affections (possibly, haha).  In the meantime, this weekend we will be getting a crate for the dog for when we're all back at work and school.  I hope we can train him and he doesn't howl too bad.  Since he's a rescue... we also have to fatten him up, he's a bit skinny for this breed.  So overall my hubby is happy to finally have a pet and it just means even more that we will need to move into a house once our lease is up at the end of May.  Plus I'm ready to get into a house.  I need the space, these kids are getting too big and I can't take my downstairs neighbors anymore.

As for Christmas... we went to my parents house for Christmas Eve, with the new family pet in tow.  He met my mom's pug and they bonded quickly.  Snuk got a new bike from his Grammy and Papa, as well as some giant blocks and other toys to play with while at their house.  Naty got an easy bake oven and stated "This is the best day of my life!"  Seriously she said that.  Lol.  Aries got some Axe body spray, bath stuff.  And he also got his first BB Gun.  I also seen my niece open the gift that mattered to her most.... a cell phone.  She had been begging for one all year.  She actually cried.  Haha.  I've never seen her so emotional. 

On Christmas morning, the kiddos woke up and opened all their gifts.  They mainly got a lot of clothes, much needed.  We got Snuk a drumset, a Mater remote control truck and a cowboy gun set.  We got Naty a Paper Jamz microphone set, you can add up to 3 songs and sing with it.  And we got her a little boombox to play cd's on (she's not ready yet for a mp3 player) and a Hello Kitty bike.  And for Aries... he got a cell phone too and an mp4 player.  So they did pretty good.  Our kids are happy with the little things, but I admit... as they get older, it gets harder and harder to get these things.  My oldest son will be 12 years old in 3 more days... his bike broke on him (the chain just fell apart, add in the seat is messed up)... so I'm thinking we will get him a new bike.  He actually uses it to get to school.  So shhh...

In the end, we had a great holiday... spent it with family, no arguments.  Just love.  Exactly how I like it.  Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure.


Sam said...

Looks like your kids scored big time on the present front :o) glad to hear you had a great Christmas with your family!

Ronnie said...

Aww, glad you all had a great Christmas! I love Boogy, he's adorable! :)

Andrea said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! OMG...Boogy is soooo cute!

speck said...

I hope you getting to feeling better soon.

And I remember watching the news about people literally fighting over those shoes!

A.J. said...

Hey there-- new follower!! I am in love with Booger!! I have a 10 yr old Basset, Everett and he is the last of my pack of 4 --- so needless to say I have seen pretty much everything the breed has to offer. They are unique and quirky but they are the most loving animal ever.

The whining is most likely for attention. Bassets LOVE their people. The crate is an excellent idea! If you have any Basset related questions feel free to email me. They do take a minute to understand.

A.J. said...

Here are some pics of Everret.


trisha said...

your little guy is SO darn cute!! all of your kids are beautiful, they look like they could catalog model!