Monday, March 26, 2007

Too Lazy To Cook

Yeah, its just my ass here and I'm so lazy. Damn my potty mouth is gettin' bad. Lol. Anywho so I don't feel like cookin', I need to eat...anyone willin' to hook a woman up with a meal? Any men that have some cookin' skills and want to showcase them? Hahaha.

Nah, but works going good for me here. I'm getting ancy though, ready to learn processing of these claims and be out on the damn floor doing OT so I can bring in some real money. Times are getting hard and I'm stressin'. This move set me back a lil' bit but I know in the end its going to be worth it. But I get real stressed out when it comes to lack of money. Especially after last year? Ohhh weee it was a bad year money wise.

Yes, I'm out mingling.......met some cool ass dudes. And enjoying my singlehood! NO, I ain't pimpin'...cause if I was pimpin' my rent would be paid and well...I wouldn't be talkin' about money issues above ^^. LOL. I wish I had it like that...haha. Outside of that, love ain't entering my heart for quite some time...there's a big ass TIME OUT on it. Yes, I can fall in love easily but only with those who I choose to fall for. Which is rare...I've only said I love you to four people and meant it....believe it or not for those who think I love everyone I come in contact with.

But I'm cool, things will work themselves out. I'm planning on going to my first meeting come Sunday in a long time. Thats where I need to be, back in the Kingdom Hall, studying about the one thing that counts >>> HIM up above. My babygirl will be here with me soon and I can't wait. There's a pool right outside my apartment so I'll be buying her a new bathing suit and we'll be going swimming...and to the playground. Ohhh the simple things 3-year olds enjoy! She loves her mama.......

Ohhh thinkin' of it, gotta upload my new pics of the kiddos. I love my babies, you never know how much you miss people til their not around as much...seriously. Feels like I'm missing out on thangs.....

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