Friday, March 23, 2007

One Question???

What the fuck is wrong with these dudes out there??? I'm so serious. They are just as bad as females. Have the roles reversed or something. I don't get how a man can hit me up one day, and actually have the nerve and expectations of me ONLY talking to him? I'm like wth? Then you got these niccas trying to come off cool and then be like say can I call you...can I come to your house? WTH? I don't know you and I ain't fuckin' you either. Lol. There's crazy shit that happens here in Houston all the time. I ain't trying to be the next news story
But I did come across this cool ass dude, we're friends and I'm enjoying it. We went to the movies the other night and watched Premonition. I can't wait to chill with him again. We got one thing in common, people watching and shit talkin'.......lmao.

I don't know, I talked with my girl Mo...and been thinking of things, I just need to focus on other things which means going back to studying and learning about the bible. Get my head right there, because in the end there's only one real thing that I should hold high value in and it ain't any MAN on this planet. LOL. So hopefully when I get back from Austin this weekend I can attend my first meeting in long time.

I just don't get some of these men I'm coming across lately, their throwed off in the head. Getting upset cause I don't call. Just trippin'.....or second-guessing me and my own motives. Why? Or maybe I'm just reading to much into things. Makes you wonder how the women here in Houston treat their men. Seriously. I just ain't on that level. I just need to stay off there and occupy my time exercising. LOL. I got an exercise room here in my apartments and haven't used it yet. Sad...I know.

Anywho...hope the rest of ya'll have a great weekend......while I ponder on that bullshit. LOL.

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