Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wow! Big loss this week.

And with minimal effort.  As said before, the only thing I can think of for me losing lately is most likely due to me no longer being on the Loestrin 24 birth control.  So thats 3 pounds down this past week.

The only reason I put the loss on the birth control is because I know even though I am eating less and have my restriction, I have made horrible eating choices this past week.  We got our income tax so we've been busy every evening with taking care of errands, bills and doing a little shopping.  Which lead to eating out.  Something we usually don't do.

The only good thing with that is I haven't overate.  No pain in my belly.  Nada.  And just been drinking my water, coffee and I did have some juice.  However, it was seriously 100% apple juice.  And I was told if I do get some juice I can only have the actual 100% kind.  But I haven't been over indulging.

In the meantime, its birthday party time for my two oldest.  If you don't know, all of my children's birthdays are basically in the month of January.  No, not done on purpose.  I just so happen to be fertile around March/April.  Haha.  We did a small family birthday for my 2 year old earlier in the month, so that the two oldest can enjoy doing Austin's Park & Pizza together today.  Its unlimited pizza and salad buffet, arcade, laser tag, go-carts, mini-golf, etc.  So fun times!  Can't wait to get this over with though.  I am tired.

Overall, this has been a good weekend.  With the extra money in, we've been able to do things for our house we haven't been able to do in over 5 years.  We got new bedding for all of the rooms, new pillows (wow, I didn't realize my old ones were that flat and used), curtains and rods, some decor for the kitchen.  Its made my home feel more homey.  Just love it!

Anywho...thats my update!


Lisa said...

congrats on the 3 pounds!

blondee said...

Congrats! I can't wait to get off this Loestrin 24 - it's so horrible!