Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Watchers?

So I've been debating on and off about starting Weight Watchers, along with this band journey.  I need something to hold me accountable.  Last year, around this time I was in this group with some online ladies and it was forcing me to be accountable for exercising and losing.  Right now, its just me.  I'm not doing too good alone.  I was reading an online friend's blog The Fit Bee and I have seen she's been doing Weight Watchers.  No band, just her working hard at exercising and changing eating habits.  She has done such a great job this past year in losing 71 lbs.

I hate to say it, the fact is I got this band........but no support with losing.  Its almost like I go into the doctor's office and either get a fill or don't and rushed back out.  Not good!  I also need the mental health assistance, along with some nutritional guidance.  I need help in changing the bad habits that brought me here.

So today was the day, there were two ladies in my job's cafeteria from Weight Watchers.  The job does it onsite, so no more excuses.  Just take a break from work and go to one of the conference rooms for a meeting and weigh-in.  Plus they bring all the information, products, etc from Weight us.  And we get free e-tools with the 14-week program.  I can also use my HSA account to pay for it and I think its like 168.00 for the program.  No more outs, this will help me stick with my goal too.  That I have yet to really get

The info meeting is Wednesday, can't wait.  I'm ready!


IrishLassy said...

Hi Amanda,
I attend weight watchers...I have for over a year now! I go every Saturday morning with my mom and My gram and aunt go on Friday mornings! We are all overweight! I didn't tell anyone except my leader about my surgery! (she is a friend of the family anyways)! But its my way of being responsible for "MY ACTIONS". I also want to keep on track and not get caught up with "the band does the work for me" cause I know that is not the case!!! Exercise, healthy eating habits and chew chew chew and small bites is the key! Good luck with W.W. I think its great! My ins. company gives me coupons for it so I don't have to pay!

Keep me posted!

Manda said... is it working with your band? I'm glad I'm not the only one. Of course I don't have it in me to mention I had the surgery to any of them. LOL. I'm worried about the

I'll keep ya updated.

Lisa said...

sounds like a great idea...