Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year! Better Me!

Well I did my weigh in today and I'm down another pound.  Its a  good way to end 2010, exactly at my lowest weight yet in this weight loss journey of mine.  I'm now at 213 lbs officially.  I'm so excited to see me finally hit onderland (aka below 200 lbs) and I can taste it.  So I'll be setting up some mini-goals because if you have none, then you won't do anything to change your ways.  No more beating myself up.  This journey has up's and down's.  Although I've had a lot of downs this past year, its time to move forward.  I know I did this surgery for a reason, to get healthy.

So I started about 2 weeks ago the change of what I'm putting in my body.  Since the nurse at True Results told me I can't have my cran-apple juice anymore (due to all the sugars and calories), she even suggested changing what I use for sugars.  I knew that I was drinking a lot of sugars and calories with liquids that has probably been one of the biggest culprits outside of no exercising.  My co-worker suggested this Organic Blue Agave.  I'm very particular about after tastes, thats why I really don't do the Splenda or other sweetners.  The nurse suggested Truvia or Stevia...same thing I guess.  I haven't tried those.  But my co-worker hooked me up with a bottle of the Blue Agave sweetner.  I actually like it.  I've been using it for my coffee and tea.  No aftertaste and I think its been helping with the issues that the lap band causes...(getting backed up for days). 

I also talked to another co-worker who got the lap band surgery in June of this past year.  Mainly about the whole measuring thing.  The point to me getting the band was to not feel like I'm on a diet but to help cut the portions down.  I know they want me to not eat over a cup for each meal.  She stated she doesn't use a measuring cup but what she does is use spoonfuls.  So she can have a taste of everything and not feel deprived.  I'm feeling that method.  Like  2 - 3 spoonfuls of each thing on my plate.  Then I should definitely stay under my 1 cup of food per meal.

Either step at a time.  Thats really what helps make you change one bad habit to a good habit.  So that is my goal for 2011, to become a better me.  Moving to improving!

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