Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things are moving in the right direction.

Ya'll have no idea how excited I am to see my weight go past 213 lbs on the scale.  I'm so excited.  So it means it is possible to keep it moving down.  Haha.  At this point, I know I am eating less.  My water intake is higher.  Oh and I did stop taking my birth control.  I've been having some side effects from being on Loestrin 24 and I am just over it.  Having to deal with low sex drive and then issues each time I come to my inactive pills.  Then add the cost of having to see the doctor for those issues and medication EACH month.  I'm done!  Plus, I go in on February 1st to do my dye test to see if my Essure procedure (a form of permanent sterilization) took.  And we're not allowed to have sex until after I get it done.  Haha.  So the weight loss could be due to getting the extra hormones out of my system. 

In the meantime, I have signed up for the Weight Watchers at work program.  However, we have to have 15 members for the program to actually start.  Last I heard we only had 10 signed up.  So I'm kind of worried we won't have enough to start next week.  Just praying others sign up because I'm ready to get this started.  I guess if no one does sign up then I will probably go to another location and sign up.  It just makes it more convenient at work.  :(  We shall see come next Tuesday.

So tonight is one of my good friends birthday's.  We're going bowling.  She got the idea from me.  LOL.  I so love bowling though.  And I'ma whoop all their behinds!  I was talking to my husband and he loves it just as much as me.  We were in our work league last summer doing bowling.  I was thinking we could plan a bowling get together each month with friends.  Adults only.  Its really fun and we really ain't into the club thing.  Plus you can still drink a little if you want to.  I think I'll send invites to friends and friends of friends each month when we plan to do something via Facebook.

I also talked to another good friend, she wants to go rollerskating and so do I.  Not sure how many will get into this of my friends.  I think they all think their too old to do this........or afraid to bust their ass.  Haha.  Its been about 8 years since I last went but I don't care.  Great exercise and so much fun.  I'm going to plan this one though.  They have adult skating nights on Tuesdays...but its hard to get motivated to do this on a Tuesday.  Weekends are better...but then there's all these kids there.  LOL.  Decisions, decisions.

So thats tonight.  Can't wait! 


blondee said...

I, too, have been having issues with the Loestrin 24!! I was on Lo Ovral (sp?)for 15 years but for some reason in June when i went to my OBGYN she didn't want to put me back on it! And put me on this Loestrin - and I HATE it - here I am 7 months later and my cycle is still not regulated and my sex drive has completely GONE. Zero. Zilch. My poor fiance has been miserable!! lol I am going to call this week to get it switched - it's just good to know I am not the only one!!

Manda said...

Yeah, basically it was making me not want to have sex worse than I already have. I've been on it since September. Then in November I starting having each month a yeast infection. No fun and this past month, I was like I'm done. So I chose to stop on my own. I don't period has started since I stopped.