Saturday, January 15, 2011

No major changes this week.

Well no real updates this week.  I haven't done anything to put forth real effort this week on the weight loss part.  No gain or loss.  I'm good with the no gain part.  Lol.  But I think this 213 is my plateau weight and I have to do something drastic to break it and start losing again.  However, I know I really need to do exercise.  Ha!

I just don't have it in me right now.  This past week was horrible at work.  Are finances are all jacked up.  I do see we're slowly getting back to normal on finances but I'm still stressed because after almost getting caught up, we're still surviving off of like 100 bucks a week for food and gas.  Not good.  So that leaves me with no way of getting things in the area of food choices that I want to try.  I'm just sticking to staying under 1 cup and drinking primarily water through out the day.  That has definitely gotten better.  I do still drink my coffee and we have tea at home with dinner.  So I have made the drastic cut of juice.  I told my husband not to buy it or bring it in the house so then I don't drink it.

Outside of this update, there's really nothing going on.  Which I guess is weird, yet boring at the same time.  I feel so boring lately.  I went out with my best friend last night, literally had to be forced to go out by the husband but I'm glad he did.  I have this bad habit of telling friends when invited places, no.  And then I get upset later when we are never invited anywhere.  Thats something I need to change.  I don't know, maybe I'm feeling a bit down.  I had some moments last week and even now...where I'm really grumpy.  Or it could be that time of the month thing.  Since I'm on birth control pills until February and really not having a period, who knows when my real pms moments are.  But I could tell I was getting really irritable regarding things for no apparent reason.

I hope next week is better.  I may go down to the gym in our apartments, see if hubby wants to participate.  I think its open until 10pm.  We could get a work out in while the kids are in bed.  Random thought but it takes me typing these things to really think about things.  Haha.  Brain storming. 

Hoping for a much better week at work and in life next week!  :)

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