Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Trip to New Orleans

So we just got back from New Orleans, it was one of those quick decisions and well it was well worth it. David got to see allll his family, people he hasn't seen in forever and well they finally got to meet the person thats been keeping him hostage here in Texas. Hahaha.

So the trip is about 8 hours 4 minutes, thats what yahoo maps says. But keep in mind we have a car full of kids and one thats a 4 month old baby. We left about 5am (were supposed to leave at like 2:30-3am). We got up at that time but left late (thats us...late!). Get on the road...stopped out near Bastrop to drop some money off to my sister (ummmmmm, she didn't look to good but thats a whole other story). Yes, it was almost 6am but damnnnn...she got skinny out of no where and some other stuff, kind of grossed me out. Finally we get going, stopped in Baytown or something at Waffle House to eat and then hit the road again. So David really thinks he tricked me into driving from Baytown to Baton Rouge. Now mind you, I couldn't remember how far the Tiger Stop (a gas station that has a tiger exhibit) but I had decided I would drive us that far anyways. So yeah, I did a lot of driving on the way there. We made it to New Orleans by 3pm.

Well we made it there, spent time w/ his aunt and outside his Grandma's...even went to David's nanny's house to hang out, eat pizza, etc. Then I couldn't stay up no longer, so we headed to his brothers house....and the last time we went and stayed w/ his brother and his family. They had a waterbug come in (I'm deathly afraid of these things), so I figured I'd be safe upstairs, come to find out there was one upstairs in the room as well. LOL. Well I was too tired to notice. That Sunday (mother's day) was his neice's birthday party, now I knew David had a lot of family that stayed on that street but there were so many people there. The street was closed down. They boiled lots of crawfish, the party was like 3 hours late gettin' going though. LOL. But hey, it happened. It was a long day though, plus it was hot as hell!

Also, it was kind of weird to see his babymama hanging out there too. Yes, we've talked and I've done my best to make things cool with her but it was kind of awkward. LOL. I understand DJ being there but her??? I mean the impression I always got from David was she really wasn't tight with his family, only his Nanny because she was watching DJ for awhile and she'd drive her places. It was just a bit strange...like oh, here's David's one babymama...and the new one. Haha, but I guess it didn't bother him, hell I rarely seen him that day. And just thinking of it, he didn't even tell me Happy Mother's Day or even have flowers, a card, something........and we got into over that. Believe he heard about it. I don't know what it is, its like when he gets down there he kind of acts one way compared to being home. Not sure how to explain it. I feel like the odd man out at times when we visit. So that day did kind of start off rough. Maybe its because I'm so used to having him to myself here and then when we visit, he only has little time to spend with those he hasn't seen? Hmmm....

So we headed back home on Monday morning, left about 10:30am and we were making some real good time, then we hit the Texas border..........and all was lost. We stopped to eat at Burger King and that shit was disgusting. You'd think that they all tasted the same, blahhhhh! So disappointing when I was so hungry, even the oreo cookie shake was gross. And we stopped another 3 million times, we didn't get home til like 8pm. It was the longest day of my life. LOL. Oh and while leaving Louisiana, we seen this truck on the road....the pic is attached, was funny to me.

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