Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ahhh! Its going to be a busy summer

So yesterday we drove up to Houston and back, we got David's son DJ aka David Jr. We left right after work and got back around 4am this morning. OMG......I am still tired. I was planning on going into work to get some OT but decided forget it! I was too tired and only doing a couple of hours wouldn't have been real OT, just physical hours since we had the holiday this past Monday. Oh well, I'll work on major OT come next week.

So now we have 4 kids in the house, YIKES! David will be off all summer since he works for the school district. In this tiny two bedroom, it as fine before...but I realized now, we need a bigger place. I can't wait til the lease is March to get into a bigger place, at least a 3 bedroom. We're making plans to go to Sea World later in the summer, thats going to be fun and some other things.

Definitely have to get things in order as well. Lots of clean up time this weekend. Ohhh and my babies are sick, well Nati had a virus last weekend w/ some cold in her eye. Then Snuk got it this past weekend, so we took him to the doctor on Thursday...good thing because he was getting fluid in his left ear and I could only imagine how he'd be screaming his head off even worse. So he's doing better today, other than MAJOR DIAPER EXPLOSIVES! Its like poop is everywhere, up his back....why don't it go further down, no it goes up his back and out. Ewww! Lol. Thats about it so far.........check out the pic of my sick baby. Awwwww. He looks so sweet there. That was his worst night. Can you see it in his lil' eyes. Oh and I got some video coming soon from Youtube of Snuk trying to crawl. He's up on all four legs like he's a pro. He's been doing that for 2 weeks he's rocking and moving backwards. I give him another two weeks and he'll be officially crawling.

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