Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can't believe I'm saying this...

but I actually love my job! Or maybe its the place. Or it could be what I'm doing. Or the people I'm working with. Heck all of it! LOL. I mean its a great company and I can actually say its better than FirstCare (which I loved so dearly, my friends know). So here's the run down, I work for a company processing long term care claims. That is the most interesting thing ever to me! Not the same ol' same ol' and I'm constantly busy, I never run out of issues or things to do. And my day just goes so fast.

I just love it! So I signed up for their Summer Bowling League, even got David to do it. LOL. I love bowling though, plus its some good exercise. David said he's horrible at it, but I say practice makes perfect. Except we need 2 more people for our team. Yikes! Hopefully someone else signs up w/ us cause I don't have any friends...that have men as well to join us. But its going to be fun. I even joined the Walk Spree that the company is doing....supposed to get this pedometer to count my steps all day long. And they have some cool prizes. I'd love to win big but doubt that will happen. Lol. Not that lucky.

Outside of that...just been real busy and doing lots of OT. I am proud to say I got all the claims I have to pay on done. However the new ones come in on the 1st of the month...3 days away but I'm making progress. :)

Yeah...thats my boring tidbit on my job. Haha.

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