Monday, May 25, 2009

Recouping & Old Drama

So we've been recouping from that trip, in the midst of house looks like a tornado hit it. I mean damn, we've had our moments where our house looks throwed but this is different. A whole other level. And yes, my ass is on here typing about it rather than cleaning up. I will, promise after this. I just gotta get motivated. Haha. You'd think the mess alone would be the motivation, Its like I gotta pep talk myself into doing it. Why? I hate that. Plus I've been working a lot, I got the okay to do overtime at work and believe.......been taking advantage of doing it. So I've been catching on some sleep as well.

Then some old drama came creeping its way back in. Back during the time that David and I broke up and when he returned, well there were some text messages between him and a friend (another chic). At the time, I really believed they were friends only (tried my best to at least, ha!) but I always keep an out. With the way females are these days, you can't trust shit...especially if they really don't talk to you. So she decides to talk to me after all this time, mind you when I read those texts she sent him (that basically suggested something happened between them while we were broken up), since he gave me vague answers...I sent her a message asking for a straight answer, she never responded. So she decides to talk to me about this, told me how he told her they were going to be together, how he got her daughter attached (kind of confused on that too), how he tried to have sex with her, etc. Just mad how he played her and went back to me. Ummmm, does she remember who she's talking to? LOL. I am the one that he left...and was somewhat encouraged by her to leave and how she would do what I wasn't. Now if that ain't throwed, I don't know what is. Haha.

First, all I can think is...I'm a really cool person, very loyal to my friends. I wanted to be friends with her and be cool with her. I mean even then, I didn't know he was just bad mouthing about me to her the whole 2 years we've been together. Damnnnnnnnnnn. But real deal, if I was that bad, why not leave me beforehand. Or on her side, talk to me and see whats the deal. Get both sides, if you were trying to be friends on both sides. Like I told him, you just don't talk to the opposite sex like only leads to drama and guess what, it did. I'm sure she'll read this but fuck it...this is my life, this is my man. The person I have invested all this time with. Why should I feel sorry for her? The reason he stopped talking to her, ain't because I told him to. He did it because he knew he left me for some bullshit ass reasons. He knows he loves me, he knows I'm the one he wants to be with and for us to have a relationship...he can't have some other female (who basically was looking out for her own wants, not looking out for a friend) whispering in his ears about what she will do for him.

And thats the lesson learned, the grass ain't always greener on the other side. Yes, they kissed and he admitted that (she didn't even admit that to me). Will he talk to her again, I don't know. I don't think its right for them too, considering both decided to cross the line of friendship while we were together. The boundaries were broken and I'm not one to put up with disrespect. I have forgiven him for his part and I forgive her. But they ruined any opportunity of friendship going forward, he understands that and thats the reason he's cut off the communication. Hopefully she understands. But don't make me feel bad for what you did.....I had no part in what you did.

This falls back to that blog (which funny part about it really had nothing to do with this situation at the time) about why women think its okay to go after or mess with other people's men. Which actually falls for both sexes. I don't get it. Thats not in me to purposely go for someone that is attached to someone else. I don't agree with it, I don't feel sorry for those who knowingly put themselves in that situation............I think people deserve the reprecussions of what the do. Hopefully they take that as a lesson learned. God don't like ugly.

Uggh...outside of that drama and finally putting it out there, I'm done thinking or talking about it.

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