Sunday, May 24, 2009

the Switch Over

I moved my blogging over to here...officially. Woo hoo! I didn't realize I had so many blogs on myspace. LOL. And some interesting ones...OMG, just reading them over a lil bit is crazy. The stuff I went through, the emotions in my head at those moments. Amazing and kind of like...what was I thinking? Haha.

Oh, in regards to the upstairs neighbors post......they moved. It was like 4 weeks ago, we realized that it got real quiet and then seen no one is up there now. I wonder what happened? LOL. Oh and the nice exchange of words w/ the downstairs neighbors...lets not go there, but he ain't said nothing to us or me since. Wish he would! Can't wait to get out of these apartments and into a house. Its about that time.

I do need to do some updates but I got this up...and I do have some things to do today. So tomorrow I will update on all the happenings. :)

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