Friday, December 19, 2014

Hola! Sickly, weigh-in and 6-weeks Post-Op

So I've been sick since about Monday... found out it is the flu.  I haven't had the flu in over 10 years but I was told after a major surgery, we tend to have lowered immune systems.  Who knows because even before that I managed to get the stomach virus twice and was in the ER for dehydration.  Lol.  This year has just been a crazy year with me catching illnesses.  Basically I am contributing any weight loss this week partially due to the flu.  I haven't been hungry although I did eat a couple of times.  I've mainly been drinking water and hot tea with honey for my throat.

As of this morning and after stepping on and off and on and off again... and having my son check his weight, I weighed in at 201.6 lbs.  My lowest-low!  I couldn't get this low with the lap band.  I am down 6 lbs. since last Friday.

I wanted to post this picture from last week... The had scrambled eggs for breakfast, how much I could eat.  And I was totally full - like a real full feeling and not uncomfortable.  And it lasted for awhile, I really don't get the feeling of being hungry unless I don't take my heartburn medication - when the acids get going - I'm like starving, weird...  But its still amazes me that this sleeve works this way.

So I'm 6 weeks out from the surgery... and down about 40.4 lbs. since my highest weight of 242 lbs. in June 2014.  Since my pre-op diet, I've lost 28.4 lbs and that started 10/21/2014.  And since surgery, I've lost 22.4 lbs.  I'm really happy I made this decision.  At times its frustrating because my fat girl mentality creeps in and wants to devour all these great foods out... especially this time of year.  But I'm so happy I've done this.  I can only imagine how things will be after the 1st of the year.

I did do measurements prior to surgery... and recently measured myself, I have lost some inches.  Not much up top because I was told I can't work out upper portion.  Although I will admit, I haven't worked out bottom much other than walking for my normal activities... but I've been pretty busy with school and work.  So I think its time to start getting an exercise regime in, after I finish getting over this flu --- not sure of how long that will be, I'm feeling okay today just head congestion and no fever in a day.  Maybe start on Monday with doing some walking on the treadmill and elliptical.  And will definitely have to increase my calories for this.  Its going to be interesting.

That is all... also, I'm on Instagram if you want to add me (Manda1280).

3 comments: said...

Sorry that you're sick. Make sure you keep drinking fluids. It is really strange to not be hungry or thirsty. I get into trouble because I forget to eat and drink. Dehydration is terrible. MUST DRINK WATER. Thank you for letting me know about your week 4 nausea. I have no idea why either. Although the stomach doesn't have pain receptors so maybe the nausea is a pain symptom. Curious. I feel ok other than nausea. I'm glad that your nausea passed.

Bonnie said...

I am so thankful for you and Tracey posting your experiences and advice related to the sleeve. I hope you are feeling better and are having a wonderful holiday! January will be my 5th visit in a 7 month preop insurance requirement so I am getting closer - and more nervous!

Manda said...

Bonnie... you should definitely post on your blog, so we know how your doing. I'm glad to hear your in the works of getting the revision and very close. Yes, I'm definitely feeling a lot better.