Monday, September 29, 2014

Weigh In for 9.27.2014

So I'm back to this weigh loss thing.  I know that I weighed 236.0 exactly when I went to the doctors on the 19th.  But as of this past Saturday... I weighed in at:

Weigh-In:  234.8

I am down a pound or so.  I know I planned on working on some goals... and I'm proud to say, I did accomplish most.  I have been logging my food every day with myfitnesspal.  Its a habit, I really need to stay on top of.  Its always good to know what your putting in your mouth.  As for drinking at least 64 ounces of water, did not happen every day.  I really need to get that water in, so I'm hoping to get this one done this week.  

Then eating fast food... ahhh, so hard too.  I did manage to have us eat out only 3 times this week --- thats for like lunch and dinner two times.  The rest, we stayed to eating what we bought for groceries.  Going to work on that more this week as well.

And exercise... well, I didn't get in at least 3 times this week but I did get in 1 time.  I say, thats better than nada.  

To be honest, I woke up Wednesday morning with my back in extreme pain.  I've never encountered that before.  I am thinking it was due to doing planks while exercising the last two weeks.  I have to remember that I am really out of shape and shouldn't push myself, thinking... I got this.  Thats how you hurt yourself. Ha!  I gotta learn the hard way.  I've been icing it, getting chiropractic adjustments and doing some stretches.  Its starting to feel better but still sore.  Hopefully, I can get some walking time in this week.

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