Monday, October 6, 2014

Weigh In for 10.05.2014

Alright... this weekend was pretty busy.  I'm so exhausted from it.  I had a baby shower that I was hosting for my good friend.  Her baby is due near my birthday in December.  I'm so happy that the shower part is done.  Lol.  However, I did have a fun time preparing for it.  It was the executing the party part... that stressed me.  Add in my children or TEENAGER and his friends annoying me during the process.

Now as for my weigh in yesterday...

Weigh-In:  232.0

That is a loss of about 2.8 lbs. I think.  Not bad.  I do have to admit though, I've been eating so bad.  I wanted to do this 30-day challenge of not eating out.  Uggh.  So hard.  The late nights for working and school, have made it hard to really do a better job of meal planning and grocery shopping.  Add in this past weekend with the shower.  I'm out for the count.  But I've been managing to stay under my calories for the day and I've been faithfully using my FitBit.  

I really need to get in more water.  I had my last Personal Wellness class this past Thursday night.  I was talking with some classmates, who suggested I just have a water bottle that I carry every where with me.  I am going to invest in one of those.  Usually, I just have my water cup at my desk at work and really don't drink a lot of water outside of work.  It was also suggested that when I wake up first thing in the morning, drink at least 8 oz. of water, to get things moving inside and wake up my metabolism.  I will work on that too.  I know water is sooooo important.  I need to fall back in "like" with it.  Oh and by the way... I got an A in this class.  So happy to have another few credits to add toward obtaining my bachelors degree.  I am also very happy to be able to see my oldest son, Aries play football again now that my Thursday evenings are free.

Another good thing is that I have been tracking my food faithfully, each day on MyFitnessPal.  Even with all the bad food choices.  I am hoping this helps me change things by being aware.  So I will keep up my previous goals, trying to take baby steps into doing things that worked.

So as mentioned, I hosted the baby shower for my best friend.  It had a nice turn out.  And overall, she was happy.  Here is a little photo of it.

Until next time... 

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