Monday, September 22, 2014

Some small goals to work on

I planned to start doing my weigh-in pictures and things on Sundays but forgot.  So out of routine.  I am back to logging my food.  Not every day but at least during the week.  Its so hard to remember these things and get back in the habit.  But for the record, I guess you can say my starting weight at the doctor's office was 241.0.  When I went in this past Friday, I was 236.0.  So I have lost 5 lbs since my initial visit in June.  Probably due to having the stomach bug a few weeks ago.  Lol.

So I think I will set some goals to accomplish this week, to help me get back in the mode of the basics.

  • Weigh-ins on Sunday mornings, beginning this coming Sunday on 9/28/2014.
  • Log all food and drinks in MyFitnessPal, every day this week.
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day this week.
  • No fast food at all this week, except one meal (on weekend) is allowed.
  • Exercise:  Go walking at least 30 minutes, 3 times this week (this includes class on Thursday)
Time to get this thing started again... It also helps that I'm taking this Personal Wellness class (required core course) for my degree plan.  But its just bringing me back to the basics.  And although I only attend class one night a week with this class, we have to work out the last 30 minutes.  We have been doing circuit training, which is pretty cool.  The first night, I was so sore from doing squats and lunges.  And even though I didn't work out any more after that >>> I have been running more errands.  I think the next class, I gained some strength in my muscles because I didn't get as sore the next time.  That actually makes me look forward to it.

As for the revision surgery, I completed my endoscopy.  I did it in office and through my nose.  Wow!  Its not the worse thing ever or really painful but yeah... its a crazy feeling being awake trying to swallow a tube down your throat.  Lol.  I think the worst part was him adding air into it... just makes me gag thinking of it.  Haha.  He did say however that my band was perfect, no erosion or slippage.  He's just worried that once submitting to insurance, it may not be covered.  I am too to be honest.  They plan to submit the whole information package to the insurance today and it can taken probably 2-3 weeks to hear back on denial or approval of the procedure.  I really hope it gets approved.  I truly feel like if I get this surgery, I will lose the 80 lbs I need to lose to be healthy.  Even then, in the meantime... I am working on getting back into the basics mode for the band.  I have to get my mind right.

Alright... laters.

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