Monday, February 9, 2015

3 Month Follow-Up, Dean's List

I weighed in on Friday... and hit 192.6 but then weighed again on Sunday and I was down a little more.  So I will say my weigh-in for this last week is 191.4.  I am down 2.4 lbs. this week, its nice to see the scale moving again, even if in smaller increments.

I went for my 3 month follow up with my doctor and he noted that my weight loss as slowed down a lot.  I lost 8 lbs. in the last 6 weeks.  I know for the last week and a half, I haven't been eating much because of the pains I was getting after eating.  But I ate this weekend and I didn't feel it.  I'm not sure, but I have an ultrasound tomorrow to look at my gallbladder.  I guess its better to make sure nothing is going on than wait it out.

In other news... I finished my last two classes last week.  I found out I got an "A" in Intro. to Psychology.  Waiting on my final grade for American Government, hoping its an "A" as well.  But on my last day of class in American Government, I found out that I made the Dean's List for the Fall 2014 semester.  I was actually surprised and pretty excited that I accomplished that.  It came right on time, when I was  questioning myself about spreading myself so thin with doing school, working full-time, taking care of my family and even all of my kids activities.  I needed this...  Now I hope I make it for the Spring semester too!

And now that I have a break from classes for about 5-6 weeks... I am going to take advantage of it to get things in order around the house and do other things I've been needing to do.  Not just cleaning but re-arranging rooms and painting too.  

So thats about it... nothing to exciting.


Rhonda said...

You are not losing slow - I don't know where you're getting this idea. LOL

Congrats on the Dean's List! :) said...

I agree with Ronda about the speed of your weight loss. You are right where you need to be. Dean's List and keeping the home fires burning. You rock.

Bonnie said...

So glad to hear about your loss and making the Dean's List. WOW!!!

Manda said...

Thanks ya'll! I guess I question the amount of loss... because of my doctor and others I know. I know I shouldn't compare.