Monday, February 23, 2015

New Bed, Hair loss and Weigh-In.

I have no real fun news today... other than I weighed late for me due to being off last week.  Hmmm... well my husband and I got a new bedroom set with new mattresses on Saturday.  It made me want to lay in bed all day yesterday.  So comfy!  Add in it was a cold day yesterday but I was super lazy yesterday.  Haha.

Hair loss >>> I heard a lot of people talking about it after having the VSG and I've been taking my 10,000 mg of Biotin but I think its hitting me.  I've always had thick hair... but this morning in the shower, I swear a lot came out.  Way more than I expected.  No bald spots but just seemed excessive to me.  I was talking to my friend how I needed my hair thinned out... I'm growing it out anyways from a short bob style... but due to its thickness, I usually have it thinned out.  Maybe its thinning out on its own.  I'm kind of okay with a little on its own.  Lol.  Just not too much.

Okay so here's my weigh-in for this morning:

Glad to be in the 180's finally... I know for others, it seems like its coming off in good time but it seems like I stayed in the 190's for awhile.  I just need to get things in gear, like go visit the gym that I am paying for now.  Starting this week.  Another thing I want to work on is meal prepping again, I did better and well I felt better... when I meal prepped.  So that's my plan this evening - grocery shopping and preparing for the week.

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Damn it, my hair started falling out this week too. I thought I would dodge that bullet. And I don't have thick hair. Bummer. Congrats on the 180s. I'm happy with my progress.