Thursday, February 5, 2015

The future of my gallbladder

I am pretty sure... that I will need my gallbladder out soon.  Since losing about 25 lbs. or so, I've been experiencing pains in my right side.  It hurts when I press... or stretch out.  Usually every day but nothing that is really bad pain.  However in the past week... every day, no matter what I eat the pain comes on and its more intense and now I feel it in my back almost... like directly under my ribs.

I go in to see my surgeon tomorrow for my 3 month follow-up.  The last time I saw him, I mentioned the pains and he said it was probably my gallbladder but we would just keep our eye on it and to drink more water.  Not sure what water will do.

I am ready to say goodbye to my gallbladder though... this pain isn't as bad as having kidney stones but its measuring up to it.  Add in, its making me not want to eat... I haven't been getting my protein in like I should or even my calories up to where I need it.  

I'll have to see tomorrow.... :(

1 comment: said...

Nooooo. Stupid gallbladders. Well if it's bad then it needs to come out. Bummer