Monday, October 27, 2014

The proof is in the protein shakes ---

So I weighed yesterday... I couldn't wait.  I wanted to know if all these damn protein shakes, sugar free jello, broth were paying off.  And the drum roll on loss is....

Yep... down 5 lbs.  Kind of crazy.  Even stranger is people asking if I lost weight.  Lol.  I know it can't be that noticeable.  But then again... since June 26, 2014; when I was at my highest of 241.5, I am down about 15 or so pounds.  I think MyFitnessPal rounds up or something.  The good news is I'm back in some work pants that I busted the button on... and I learned how to sew on a button.  Learning new things.  Haha.

So the good news is, I haven't had no other breaks in this diet.  I'm feeling pretty good and want to keep this thing going.  We shall see what I weigh come Sunday.  

I know one thing is for sure --- I need to drink water!  I've been drinking these Fruit2o drinks, they are pretty good.  That is helping but I have to make it priority because I have been having issues with going numero dos.  Its freakin like rocks scrapping my poor butt.  I wanted to cry.  Its bad enough having freakin constipation issues from the band but this high protein is not helping and I forgot that I need to have all water in with high protein.  Its just hard since I am drinking what I'm eating and then don't feel like drinking water after that.  Meh.

As for my Healthcare Admin class... its just going.  My professor is so laid back and chill, its strange.  Well more so than others at school.  Got 3 more weeks of class with this and then onto Western Civilization and Spreadsheet Software.  Sucks having to get your core classes still.  But I will get through this and I will be lookin' FLYY come graduation.  :)

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