Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some good news!

I haven't posted in a minute because 1. my job no longer allows us to use the internet as freely and 2. my computer at home has been on the crapper --- just cleaned it out & hoping it works better.

I did weigh myself last Sunday... and I am down 1 more pound to 231 lbs.  I have been doing horribly at NOT eating out.  So easy, so convenient.  I have to figure something better out for myself and my family in general.  I'm still logging all of my food intake with MyFitnessPal, so far I'm on a 26 day streak, whoop whoop!  Only bad thing is... I'm struggling with drinking water.

I also got my FitBit and I'm using it religiously as well.  I like seeing my numbers and in some ways it is keeping me accountable.  I may be eating a little over my calories but not as bad as it could be. 

Anywho... the big BIG news is that after doing all the things I needed to do with my insurance ---- I have been approved through insurance to have my revision from the Lap Band to the VSG!  So I will be doing my best to document everything related to it here.  My surgery is scheduled for November 4, 2014.  Its crazy because its almost 5 years since I had my band put in place (November 17, 2009).  They will be removing the Lap Band, any scar tissue from it and doing the sleeve all at the same time.  I'm kind of scared of the thought of really cutting part of my stomach off, which is the reason I didn't go through with the more permanent option in 2009.  But I know this is ultimately the best thing for me.  I'm using a different surgeon, the staff is amazing --- and I love the fact that my surgeon is totally involved in this whole process compared to what I dealt with, with True Results -- I never saw my surgeon EVER again --- prior to the surgery.  Woke up, didn't see him.

I will not bash the Lap Band because to be honest, it did help me.  I did lose some weight, but I also think had it not been in me this whole time, I could have gone up to 300 pounds easily.  So it has helped and I didn't have a totally bad experience with it related to medical issues like erosion or slippage.  The only thing is... like a relationship, the band and I were not meant to be together forever.

I start my 2-week pre-op diet this coming Tuesday...

That means doing the protein shakes, sugar-free jello/popsicles, soup broth and lots of water to help shrink the fat on my liver.  I forgot how it went 5 years ago.  I do have to say that in the last few weeks... even with eating out, its not like I have this ultimate craving to do so.  I just do it so I can eat something and its easy.  In fact, lately food has been tasting different to me... its just not the same.  So hopefully that's a good thing.  I'm not that hungry either... I have to remind myself to eat.

So the last few weeks, I've been trying out different versions of pre-made protein drinks... Muscle Milk... blech.  I tried this clear drink called Isopure, it was this fruit punch thing... it was okay, but it felt like it dried my mouth out.  Lol.  So in the end, I had to drink water.  But that drink had like 40 grams of protein, easy right... not when it dries your mouth out from the whey protein and aftertaste.  I don't mind the EAS Advan shakes.  I will probably go with those.  But I am also thinking of just buying the powder and making my own again... I can deal with that taste over pre-made.

So yeah... that's whats going on with the whole surgery thing.  In other great news, my husband is in the works for getting the surgery himself.  He was recently diagnosed with hypertension and put on meds.  And he has to go see a cardiologist (hoping its nothing too serious) and he can get his clearance to get his health in order.  It wouldn't be so bad doing this journey with him.

That's about it.

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