Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Junk and Health Update

Hola!  How is everyone today?  I admit, I am ready for Christmas to come and GO!  All this money spent and still feeling too broke to do anything else.  Just ready to be past it.  I just know for fact, I do not like this time of year now.  Lol.  Okay, okay... maybe its not that bad.  I do enjoy it for the family time because to me, that is all that really matters since I'm usually a workaholic and don't get to see them as often.  I even admit that I miss my big brother (and thats probably because I haven't seen him in over a year and him and his family will not be coming down here for Christmas.  *sad face*)  And believe, that is major for me... me missing him.  Lol.  We have a total love/hate relationship.

Anywho... so here is a photo of just some of the junk offered at my job daily.  This is the dreaded "LTC Island" that now sits across from my desk.  Because yes... just last week they moved me from my back corner near the window to the seat near this buffet of junk!  And today, my co-worker brings in Round Rock doughnuts on top of this stuff.  Ohhh the temptation, add in the crap that people keep dropping off at my desk... Now crap I mean, Hersey's kisses or any other chocolate (I love chocolate!) or some other chocolate covered thing.  Ugghhh.  I'm trying to fight it.  I can't wait for this month to be over with!

In other news... I had my yearly physical this past Monday.  We did a blood panel to check my thyroid and she even checked my B12 and Vitamin D levels.  Got the results today.... thyroid is fine, B12 is fine, Vitamin D is low (but the nurse said thats to be expected due to the time of year) and my cholesterol is great!  My total was 183... that means it dropped since September (at that it was 186).  This is great because I was at 223 just a year ago.  My HDL was 42 and in Septmeber it was 41 (could be better, needs to be over 50) and my LDL was 119, which dropped some since in September it was 122.  I'm pretty happy with hearing the results.  I will also buy some Vitamin D, suggested 1000 to hopefully help with the tiredness I've been experiencing lately.  I'm just happy that its not my thyroid since that runs high in my family.

I did ask her about the whole constipation issue prior to having TOM visit.  She told me its common because your body literally sucks in all the water and retains it from the hormones preparing for your period.  She suggested me taking metamucil and increase my water intake prior to it... to help.  But I've noticed that the week and a half prior, its hard for me to drink because I'm not thirsty.  Weird.

I also stepped on the scale this morning and seen 207.4........ had to hit it again to make sure it was right and it was.  I hope I see that number come Sunday.  Lol.  But I have been doing well with getting my water in at 96 ounces a day.  And I didn't do too bad on my calories until yesterday... the husband was trying to get a little loving by buying me a pint of Blue Bell Cookies and Cream ice cream.  Yeah... I managed to eat the entire thing before I even knew it last night.  Uggh.

Alright... so back on track this week.



Cat said...

I too am ready for Christmas to be over.
Congrats on the scale, fingers crossed for Sunday! : )

Sam said...

While my Christmas cheer has seems to find me. At last, I too am waiting for the season to end, but only because of the extra temptation hat is around. I do not envy you your sitting area at work :p

Ronnie said...

Hope the new low sticks! :)