Monday, November 2, 2009

Get the Hint...

Uggh, I just wish some females would get the hint and leave things alone. So, since David are now back together...we've been doing well. I've been keeping things to myself and making sure we work on things for our relationship. But then you have some people who are so unhappy in their own life that they feel its necessary to disrupt other's lives.

Yet another female from David's past is trying to pry her way into our life. I don't get it, if a man or a person in general tells you that he's going back to the person he's been with and to NOT contact him. What does that mean? I don't understand how someone could get that confused. Then you hit them up on FB to add them as a friend, you think he's not going to tell you AGAIN to leave him alone.

But then, I'm the one that gets blamed for it. No, don't get me confused...I'm not that immature to go under my man's page to send another female a message. Not my style. Plus I've talked to this heffa before, so why be scared to now. She had the nerve to tell me that she knows David so well that he wouldn't do that. Bitch? You know him so well? Really? I've lived and been with this man for 3 years..........what the hell do you know about him? Nada! If you knew him so well, wouldn't you get it that he has USED you for nothing but ass and money in the past. That he really don't even like you like that but to use you because he knows you get so caught up in "trying" to be with him.

Its sad and pathetic, I hate seeing females look stupid behind dudes. But damn, get the hint already. Believe, he don't want your ass.........remember you came stalking him and still seem to, to this day!

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