Sunday, November 15, 2009

A lot going on...

So, I never made the official announcement that David and I are back together. So there you go! LOL. After 3 weeks of being separated and lots of talking, I said he could come back. And yes, he begged and cried. For real! No exaggeration plus thats just not me to do so. He was allowed to come back with stipulations and so far he's done all of them. However we still have our moments like any relationship where we don't get along but its definitely a different vibe this go. And all I can do is pray that God assists us through all the trying times. He knows what he's doing with us.

Outside of that, I've taken over doing a new set of claims. So for the past month its been pretty hard working through it and getting things in order. But its also been a challenge. And well, I love challenges. So I am actually happy I took it on and happy to say that I accomplished it.

Next, I'm not sure if I even mentioned it on here but I'm getting the lap band surgery on November 17th! Thats this Tuesday! And yes, David is being supportive of that. He was a little worried I'd get all skinny and sexy on him....and just leave him. I was like what? Men and their insecurities. But now he's on board. We've been doing the Atkin's diet together the past 2 weeks. Me more stricter since its my pre-op diet, however I've had my set backs. Not sure how people do diets. I openly admit, I don't do diets! At all, I can't be restricted and its just a waste for like 2 weeks.

I plan on taking some pics today so that I can start logging it on here. Its so unreal that surgery has come so fast. I'm scared and nervous. Fact is, I've never had any type of surgery! Not c-section, NOTHING. So the thought of someone fiddling with my insides worries me. But I did have to get an endoscopy and colonscopy for my gastro clearance and don't remember it can't be too bad? Well I know this time I'll wake up with more pain but still. :)

So thats my quick update....

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