Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So the Weightloss Journey Begins

I just got home from the hospital, I had to stay overnight due to insurance purposes. I'm actually doing pretty good. Not as bad as I originally thought it would be, painwise. Probably due to the pain meds I've been taking. LOL.

So here's my first photo, I started at 243lbs and when I weighed myself yesterday...I was 238.5lbs, most likely due to my 2-week pre-op diet (I was on the Atkins).

So far so good, I may take some pics of my scars from the surgery. Their healing up nicely, already have scabs on them. I've had some pain due to getting used to the band being in there and the gas they used to inflate my stomach for the surgery. I was even lucky enough to share a room with my co-worker. LOL. She had it done the same day as well. At this point, I'm on a 2 week liquid diet. Yes, into next week during Thanksgiving but I may be able to puree stuff so that will be interesting since I'm so picky about my food not touching each other. Haha.

Just thought I'd update everyone!

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