Saturday, August 22, 2009

So it ain't just me...

The sad truth, I've been seeing a lot of people struggle. I hate watching it. I'm amongst them as well. And I realized, my family is now in the middle class gap. That gap, where you don't make enough to pay all the bills and still have money left over for food.....and where, you make too much to get any assistance for food. Ain't it lovely?

The worst part, I know ours is just a temporary thing. Where are programs for people like us? Seriously, for true emergency temporary situations. I'm not trying to live off foodstamps for the next 6 months but damn! Can we get a break.

I'm watching people that I've come close to on the net, talk about how their $400.00 overdrawn on accounts, how their about to lose their jobs or are already laid off and now waiting for unemployment to kick in. Or ones who have paid all the bills, but the kitchen cabinets are bare...and their not sure where their gonna get gas money for the next two weeks. Its like what is going on?

I know personally with us, we have the bills covered........but are deciding how to spend the 80 bucks we have. Does it go on food or gas? I guess gas, so we can get to work. But then theres the fact that the kids need lunches for the next two will we work that out? And the reason for this situation, well....I'm working OT and David's unemployment ran out.

So what do you do to survive......then you call local food pantries for your specific zip code. In mine, they have limited places and the ones that I did get info on go by appointment only. Appointment only for food? The lady said next available is Sept 24th. What? Yes, I can read the future and know that come that time, we'll need help. OMG! What is the point of those services? Is it for the people that regularly rely on it or what? Well if people are, then maybe they should apply for foodstamps instead of going there. Just irritating.

I really do wonder....what are people supposed to do in those moments.

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Terri said...

I cant imagine going through what you are going through. I remember being a kid and not even having a place to stay so we just walked the streets, some nights we got lucky and could sleep in a car and every day we went to the food banks. Horrible. But as an adult i cant imagine having kids and packing that horrible feeling of what if, what are we going to do, and god forbid. We are a military family and if it wasnt for the military i honestly have no idea how we would be making it right now. I am so sorry for your situation. I suppose that its one of those things that opens your eyes to different worlds we have never seen before and once we can help out we should. That doesnt change or help your sitaution but if later you can help changes those places for others that would be great. I wish you the very best of luck!