Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, I'm not greiving?

So its been a month since my Grandmother passed away. I get a call from my sister today, she is just tore up and still greiving due to her death. Or..........she's a major drama queen! Any heartache or turmoil, she turns it into 20x more dramatic shit than anyone I know. Then has the nerve to tell me, well I wasn't close to my grandma...thats why I am not upset.

Really? So glad you know what I feel in my heart. I loved my Grandma just as much, this is the first person in my life that has passed away. She touched me in so many ways, she raised me as well. She made an impact on the type of woman I am today. If anything, like all my family say...I'm like my mother and her combined. We're strong women, I'm sorry I'm not balling my eyes out at the drop of the dime. I'm dealing with it in a different way.

It just hurts me so much to have someone act that way towards me, like I'm not going through the pain of her no longer being there. How dare she say that shit to me. As if I feel nothing about her death because we were not, we had a different relationship. She didn't have to baby me, the way she had to with my sister.

Just pissed......

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