Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trippin' or not?

So David took lil' man back to N.O. yesterday...and even picked up his mom for the visit to New Orleans, which pisses me off a bit. Considering that came out of no where about her going along and them staying down there til Sunday. I mean seriously, we don't have the money for a fun-filled weekend down there. Initially it was supposed to be him going, maybe staying the night to rest and come straight back. Then that got thrown at me, which makes me believe it was a planned thing between them for a minute.

Plus prior to this, my 17 year old nephew was supposed to ride with him for this drop off. And he mentioned last Wednesday or something about not taking him so he could go to the club with his cousin. Excuse me? WTF? Oh but he couldn't go out down here with his best friend but he can down there. Then I suggested well if he was taking his mama, then why not wait til today to go and I'll ride with him. His excuse, well I wanted to leave on Friday so I could miss traffic. Really? I just want to beat the shit out of him.

And just has me thinking about things. Like is he up to no good. Because why change up the plans, why suddenly want to hang out with everyone? And why the fuck you want to go by yourself and I'm here in Austin by myself for the weekend? So am I trippin'? Mind you, he's called me twice since being gone...(I didn't answer the phone the first times) but he called to tell me he made it and acted like he didn't want to deal with me. And then today...called to see what I was doing but acted yet again like he could careless. So why call me?

It don't help that all his exe's live down there and the one he in some sort of way left me for back in in that region as well. And things between us been kind of off like the last time too. Maybe I'm just being over suspicious but shit truth be told........I don't trust him especially after what we went through and after finding out the REAL reasons behind it.

And at this point, sometimes I wonder if its best I just be alone. I love him and care about him but sometimes I wonder if its even worth all this.

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Anonymous said...

girl!!! read the signs... i didn't!