Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm an 80's babbbayyy!

So last week the man that hooked us up with all those wonderful 80's classics passed away....believe, I loved Uncle Buck.........remember his big ol' tuna boat sounding like a gun popped off and then followed that stream of white smoke. That shit was hilarious. Look, I even found the pick of that tuna boat....amazing how you can find things like that on Google.

Then recently, I found this cool ass blog. Okay, its mainly structure around this woman giving career advice but she always tells it like it is. I love honest speaking people. Let me find the link, here ya go. Thats a good blog, regardless if your looking for career guidance or info or just interested in the blogger. I'm feeling the stuff she says, but back to the subject so I was reading the characteristics between Generation Y and Generation X..........and even the beginnings of Generation Z (the ones some of, including me are raising). Just some interesting tidbits about how we all will work together. Yes, I read some crazy shit...the stuff that catches my eyes. Not even sure why it caught my attention. I did learn though, I will definitely never ever ever in my life live in New York! Good lord, they pay alot to live there.

Ohh...and then tonight, decided to do some music searching MySpace, its been a minute since I've listened to albums. In the midst of it, I realized my retarded butt is listening to ol' school Joe, like its first album. Here I was thinking it was new shit, no...new to my ears. Sad. LOL. I didn't even know he came out in 1993, but glad I got to listen to it...I would have liked it. It definitely had that New Jack Swing flavor. And if you can tell my songs in my playlist, I love 80's and 90's R&B. Just an ol' school lady. Ohhh but I did find a re-do of Just Me & You by Bobby V....now thats my jam, don't it make you think of Boyz N The Hood? Or one of them hood movies...haha. Ohh...the memories. Plus I love me some Bobby V.

And then to top things off, so Aries birthday is coming up and we decided we're gonna do a skate party. Is that okay for a boy? Well he's cool with it. I am, its been years since I rollerskated but shit, I still got my skates up in the closet from when I was 14 years old (YES, I still got them!). I'm even willing to take the kiddos to the only open roller skating rink here in Austin called PlayLand. Never been there but from what I read, tell me why they don't have a snack bar? WTH? Vending machines, now thats just wack! Hopefully this weekend, but we will be stopping by to check it out.

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