Monday, July 27, 2009

Ugggh... ***ROLLS EYES***

Not sure if I'm supposed to be on my period considering I don't get one EVER due to this IUD. Maybe its not a good thing. Good for the sex part, no worries. But definitely not good for my moods. Maybe I'm in mid-cycle and hormones are hitting hard. However, I'd still feel like this tomorrow and even next week.

When the hell did we have to be so censored on BBC? Oh, its always been that way. I forgot. I guess because I got on my birth club for January 2009 and actually bonded with some ladies, who even got me. I joked a lot, still do. But the fact is...........hormones are gone, so what is up with all these women getting their panties all twisted? Why do we have to walk on eggshells and be sure to triple check what we say out of fear that even though we're airing our opinion, its still going to hurt some person I've never met...or even talked to on these boards..........FEELINGS? Huh?

I think its ridiculous. And as someone else said...grow some thicker skin. Seriously. You ain't my mama, so why do you feel I have to watch out for your future feelings because today you might be okay with it...and tomorrow your on your monthly and got feelings hurt over the same damn statement.

Fact is........we are all different, we all have different opinions and we shouldn't have to fear stating our opinions. Its different if I just came at you and called you out of your name or used a personal situation against embarass you or belittle you. But because I don't agree with you...I'm wrong and insensitive. WTF?

I swear.......this is the reason I've stayed away from BBC. Blah!!!

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KelbelleDesigns said...

Whooooo I just saw this on BBC!! I'm totally out of the loop, I just started chatting again recently! What's this all about??

Anywayz, how are you girlie?? How are the kiddos???