Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back on again & its Weigh In Day...

I didn't do a pic last week but here's my weigh in for today.  And I finally dropped the last 2lbs I gained back.  Plus I had my period! Go me, amazing how having that can help you lose weight.  Haha.  And I've been making sure to eat my oatmeal and have breakfast in the morning.  I really think that has helped a lot.  Also, I'm drinking more water!  Go me!  My job has a cafeteria and meal deal thing, so I made sure to buy the card that just got meals with no drinks.  So now I have no choice but to drink water.  Haha.

In the meantime, I've been really stressed.  We have our wedding coming up VERY soon, a month away now.  And all the planning is getting done last minute of course!  Then add in moving around that time as well.  So yeah, its going to be real crazy here.  Hopefully in the meantime, my weight keeps dropping.

Thats it for now people...oh and I got a hair cut!  I'll post pics soon.

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