Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alright, I'm back! Had a bad week but turning it around this week!

So I didn't post my weigh in for Saturday on here, not as a blog entry itself.  But I did add the update to the side.  Either way though, I've been avoiding the mention of how bad I did last week.  Lets just say with the start of Super Bowl and the fact that the Saints won!  I was enjoying myself with lots of not so great food.  I did a lot of grazing, that includes Super Bowl Sunday....and the week following.  We had a luncheon at work and it left lots of sweets, breads and goodies to last for the week.  And yes, my fat self was sneaking it back to my desk.  So disappointing.  And you know what, my stomach was really upset.  I should have known then.

So the weigh in for Saturday was 218, ugggghhh!  Yes, I managed to gain back 3lbs.  I wish I could say it was water retention.  Who knows?  A mix of eating bad, not exercising and the possibility of my period coming (aka water retention and bloating).  But my period never came.  This damn IUD sucks!  By the way, I'm in the works of getting that taken out and getting fixed.  No more babies for me!

So outside of that, I started over this week as of Monday on eating better.  Including drinking water.  I had two glasses of water yesterday, that good for me. LOL.  Plus it was like my body was craving it.  As for today, only 1 cup.  But tomorrow I'm going to work on it and drink more.  Thats my goal this week, more water and exercise.  Actually use my EA Active that I wanted so bad.  So I got on it tonight for 30 minutes.  I restarted the 30-day program and it wasn't as bad as the first time.

Its looking up and I'm going to try and stay off the damn scale............so hard!

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Nik said...

See, for me, the scale is motivating. When I know I'm doing bad, I avoid the scale like the plague. Then I do worse. Also, I think it's important not to skip updates and not to avoid the weight group (YOU KWIM!!!!!!!) Last time I avoided the weight group um...hello 30 pounds! lol and actually, I have slightly been avoiding it myself. *sigh* We will get it together. :P