Sunday, September 20, 2009

Strong Woman!

Yes, I'm a grown ass woman! Yesterday I was told I'm a strong women because on the day that the person, who I allowed to be so much involved in my life was now gone. And I wasn't broken apart by it and that know one could even tell. Well believe, I was broken up but as a strong woman, its built in me to keep on moving. I've been through this before and God made me strong enough to handle it once again. I know one thing when it comes to love, you have to give your all and in result sacrifice by becoming vulnerable....and take that chance of getting hurt. I gave my all again but God will see me through as he always does.

So yes, I'm a strong woman. I know what I will and will not stand for. I support my family and I love with all of me. I am a great friend and a great woman to whomever I am with. I admit my faults and where I need improvement, however I have my standards and I know that whoever comes into my life should be on that same level as well.

Its time to be a grown up and some people miss that "note" in life. But as a woman, I've come to learn I can only control my feelings and how I feel. I can't make someone love me or someone want to be here with me. The end result.......its a relief. And although I shed some tears, its a huge weight off my heart.

I see a lot of great and wonderful things happening in my life. Its amazing, this new fresh breathe of air. So amazing.

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